A small managed wood between Marsh Hill Farm and Longcroft Farm


Plantation (Parcel 1104) was a small managed woodland situated between the fields of Marsh Hill Farm to the north and Longcroft Farm to the south.

The 1846 Tithe Apportionment recorded that Plantation was owned by Lord of Kingston Manor, William Jones Prowse, who had inherited huge land holdings in the area. It was not let to a tenant, but 'occupied' by Prowse himself since the timber of the woodland provided a long-term investment. The Apportionment described it as a wood measuring 0a 3r 5p.

Plantation (Parcel 1104) was bounded to the north by Smoke Acre Orchard (Parcel 1113), to the east by Lower Sleight (Parcel 1106) and to both south and west by West Leaze (Parcel 1103).


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