A pasture of Marsh Hill Farm


Summerleaze (Parcel 1114) was a large field of Marsh Hill Farm (today's Smoke Acre Farm), Yeovil Marsh. The 'leaze' part of the name derives from the Old English leah meaning a large, open pasture. The name therefore meant summer pasture land.

The 1846 Tithe Apportionment recorded that Summerleaze was owned by Yeovil solicitor William Lambert White and let to James Pope. Pope also farmed the adjoining Pear Tree Farm. Summerleaze was described as pasture for grazing livestock and measured 12a 2r 20p.

In August 1884 Marsh Hill Farm, including Summerleaze, was sold to a Mr Legg. The new tenant was John Trent - who quit the farm in November 1885. The following tenant farmer was a Mr Mead, followed by John Pearce in the latter part of the 1890s and in to the 1900s. During the early 1920s, Marsh Hill Farm was farmed by Mr F R Rendell, who quit the farm in December 1928.

Summerleaze (Parcel 1114) was bounded on the west by Marsh Lane, to the north by Hollow Ground (Parcel 1115), to the east by Marsh Hill Farm's farmhouse and orchard (Parcel 1112) and Smoke Acre Orchard (Parcel 1113). To the south it was bounded by Little Nobles Nap (Parcel 1099) and Great Nobles Nap (Parcel 1100).


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Map & Aerial Photograph

Today's Smoke Acre Farm, the earlier Marsh Hill Farm, courtesy of Mr Google.


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