the history of yeovil's pubs





bricklayers arms Inn

Rotten Row


In the 1850's Reckleford was what is today known as Market Street. There were, in fact, extensive brickworks on the northern side of Lower Reckleford between today's Goldcroft and Eastland Road as well as further along the Sherborne Road - indeed, St Michaels Avenue was formerly known as Brickyard Lane. The name of the pub is in obvious tribute.

The Bricklayers Arms Inn was another short-lived pub. In 1850, Hunt & Co's Directory listed Lowman as a beer retailer of the Bricklayers' Arms and in 1871 Louisa Hamblin was recorded as a Shop Keeper & Innkeeper with her establishment, a shop-cum-pub, the Bricklayers Arms Inn - but there the records stop.

However, Louisa Hamblin was born Louisa Baker in Yeovil around 1838 the daughter, and one of the seven children, of Jesse Baker, a pauper glover, and his wife, Keziah. In 1841 the family lived in Belmont and, in 1851, Park Street (pretty much the same place). In the 1861 census Louisa is recorded as a 24-year old unmarried visitor (with her younger brother, Samuel) in the house of John Hamblin in Rotten Row, Reckleford (today's Market Street), from its position in the census the building would have been one of those shown in yellow on the map above, where her older sister, Emily, was housekeeper. John was a 50-year old grocer but it is not clear in the census whether he was married or not at the time. In any event between 1861 and 1865 Louisa had clearly become Mrs John Hamblin. John, however, then died in 1865 leaving young Louisa a widow (aged about 27) and she is noted in the 1871 census as being a shopkeeper and innkeeper. This was presumably John's shop in Rotten Row.

Rotten Row was the original Reckleford, now Market Street, and near the Pall Inn and Horse Pond - so called from horses being paraded there, especially at times of the fairs. Rotten Row was named after the broad track in Hyde Park, London, still reserved for the exercise of horses.




1850 – Loman Mitchell (Hunt & Co's Directory)
1871 – Louisa Hamblin (32 year old widow) – Shop Keeper & Innkeeper (1871 census) listed as
            the Bricklayers Arms Inn.