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john daniell the elder

Glover and Banker


The Daniell family were very wealthy mercers and glovers who came to Yeovil in the seventeenth century from East Coker.

John Daniell, also known as the elder, was born in Yeovil around 1725, the son of Yeovil mercer and linen draper Samuel Daniell the Younger and his wife Hannah. In February 1747 he married Elizabeth Goodford, the daughter of Samuel Goodford a prosperous glover and in the 1760 Poor Rate was rated at 1s 4d, which would have been fairly modest. He rented a property in Middle Street for five shillings per annum and one in South Street with a rent of Assize of two shillings.

His fortune steadily grew and in 1776 he built as his home Hendford House (today's Manor Hotel) with its extensive grounds. What is rarely appreciated today was the extent of the grounds of Hendford House, known as Hendford Park when John Daniell built it. To discover today the extent of the estate you would need to start walking down West Hendford, from by the Three Choughs then proceed all the way to today's Horsey Lane, carry on down Horsey Lane, past the police station and almost to the Railway Hotel, then back up Hendford back to the Three Choughs - you would then have walked the perimeter of Hendford Park! See the map below.

John and Elizabeth's eldest son, Samuel, became a banker owning Samuel Daniell & Co while his youngest son George became surgeon in Exeter. His third son John Daniell the younger took over Samuel's banking business and also inherited Hendford House. John and Elizabeth were Unitarians and worshipped at the Unitarian Chapel in Vicarage Street where their son John Jnr was baptised on  6 October 1757.

Initially a linen draper and mercer like his father, John became a country merchant banker and later went into partnership with a Mr Hoskins. When this partnership was dissolved he became a partner in the bank of Hutchins and Gollup. The bank was taken over in 1819 by Batten, Sparks & Co and, under Edmund Batten, became known as Yeovil Old Bank in premises next door to John Daniell's former home.

John Daniell the elder died in Yeovil in 1797.

The arms of the Daniell family were argent, a pale fusilly sable (on a silver ground a black horizontal stripe made of lozenge shapes).





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E Watts' map of 1806 shows John Daniell's extensive grounds, known as Hendford Park, extending from his house, Hendford House (today's Manor Hotel) at top right and extending the length of today's West Hendford (marked here incorrectly as Salt-house Lane - it was actually called Horsey's Lane but Watts got the names confused on the map) all the way down to today's Horsey Lane at extreme left.




John Daniell the Elder (c1725-1797). Oil on canvas, 77 x 63.5cm.


Elizabeth Daniell née Goodford, the daughter of Samuel Goodford. Oil on canvas, 76 x 63cm.